Replace Text in XML Files with PowerShell

July 31, 2018

Yesterday, I was working at a client site that has a Windows server isolated from the external network. Installing any third-party software on the machine is not permitted.

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However, I was tasked with replacing all XML file names from "My Report" to "My Report (New)". The original file, temp.xml, looks like this:

      <Report Name="My Report">

The expected output file, temp-new.xml, should have a structure like this:

      <Report Name="My Report (New)">

Without access to any specialized tools and facing the prospect of manually editing hundreds of files, I turned to PowerShell for scripting. Here are a few lines of code that accomplish the task:

Step 1: Load all XML files from my Test folder

    $files = Get-ChildItem C:\Users\victorleung\tw\Desktop\Test -Recurse -Include *.xml

Step 2: Modify all report names by adding " (New)" after the original name

    $xmldata = [xml](Get-Content $file);
    $name = $xmldata.ReportList.Report.GetAttribute("Name");
    $name = $name + " (New)";
    $xmldata.ReportList.Report.SetAttribute("Name", $name);

Step 3: Change the file name from temp.xml to temp-new.xml

    Get-ChildItem *.xml | Rename-Item -NewName { $_.Name -Replace '.xml$','-new.xml' }

That's it! All the files have been changed. Happy coding! 😃

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