On being more socially skilled

March 14, 2021

We may use our social abilities to build connections, influence decisions, and push people to change. In a class, though, I was encouraged to approach some people, but social anxiety came to mind. Fear had taken hold of me. When the speaker asked for volunteers to speak up and ask for questions, no one raised their hands, and no one dare to share their opinions on stage. Social skills would be a crucial talent for me to develop and improve, as a lack of them would significantly negatively impact my work and personal success. I drove two hours to the event to meet more people outside of my network, as I am an ex-pat who does not know many people. I engaged with the locals sitting next to me during the event, learned from their life stories, and made new connections. Sitting in the corner and being quiet without being seen seemed fairly lonely at times. Hiding in a corner surely seems comfortable and ensures not losing face, but this is an unneeded self-consciousness to restrict me from talking to strangers. Instead of being sociable, I walked right out of the classroom, making no eye contact with anyone else to avoid a potentially awkward situation.

By conquering social anxiety and meeting new people, I may have handled the circumstance differently. I should be aware that even celebrities are prone to uneasiness from time to time. I wasn’t the only one at a networking event which was stressed, but instead of fleeing, going home, and sleeping, I tried to attend. Stop instilling self-doubt in myself and scaring myself with what could go wrong. The truth was that I had my talents and abilities to manage this type of social scenario, and with a little imagination, I could see myself doing so successfully. I would have prepared my opening lines ahead of time and made an effort to be approachable. This preparation also requires a lot of practice to understand all of the available social chances. I shouldn’t limit my networking to MBA activities and dinners. I have to abandon my quest for perfection. Recognize that making mistakes was appropriate. I didn’t have to compare myself to seasoned presenters because they had spent years practising to be great. I could arrive earlier at events to familiarize myself with the venue and mingle with the audience. To get into the swing of things, I could do some practice runs. Finally, I didn’t have to feel frustrated if I didn’t succeed in making a positive social connection. All masters began their careers as apprentices.

In general, I need to be more sociable to improve my social skills because the best way to learn is to do it. After speaking with strangers, I can improve myself through self-observation or based on my criticism, either favourable or bad. Attending as many social activities as possible can help me overcome my shyness. I’ll eventually lose my anxiety about speaking to strangers and get the confidence to speak up. Remember that I am not the essential person in the circumstance; I am merely a participant. Strangers will not harm me if I do not allow my ego to fill my mind for social interaction. Take a deep breath, relax, and begin speaking in a conversational tone, as if to a friend. I won’t be as horrible as I anticipated; in fact, I’d have something important to say because I read widely and frequently, providing me with information, up-to-date news, and even jokes to contribute. Finally, I’d keep it to a bare minimum, with just enough friendliness and energy to strike up a conversation rather than scaring folks away from thinking I’m trying to take advantage of them. It’s merely a common social skill, and honing my charisma requires time and effort.

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